Blue Envy

After my blue themed post last week I thought it would only be fitting to pull together a few pieces I have my eye on in the form of Happy Heart at Forty Nine’s very first moodboard!

Being on a tight budget myself, I have included some more affordable options that can still add a dash of blue and make a statement. But I’m afraid I can not make any apologies for the ‘Tote’ sofa which I have fallen in love with and is typically on the pricier side! However it will look just perfect in any petite living room and will be an investment piece for the future.

Mood Board

Lamp:, £99

Sofa: DFS, £750

Statement Chair: Ikea, £195

Cushion: Ikea, £10

Rug: B&Q, £120


2 thoughts on “Blue Envy

  1. Hi Sophie, really enjoyed reading your blog – it will be interesting to watch your home take shape. I’ll definitely follow your postings. Think you’ve got a real flair for capturing the right words to express how the ideas translate from your head to visuals so keep it up? Hope you also focus on what didn’t work or go well as well as the triumphs you’ll obviously have. We often learn more by what doesn’t work!
    Keep blogging,

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